lundi 7 novembre 2011

A Child’s Garden of Verses

Wednesday 2nd of November, 18h-19h30 – Institut du monde anglophone

(poems are dealt with almost in the same order they appear in A Child’s Garden of Verses – “Where go the boats?” is the exception)

I. Introduction 18h00 JPN (with personal notes from

R.Dury and M.Fitzpatrick)

Projection of illustrations? (RD)

II. VI. “Rain” JPN on translation (esp. of short

poems, and their difficulty)

En(MF) – Fr(JPN) – It(RD)


III. VII. “Pirate Story” En(MF)–Fr(JPN) few words from JPN/RD on

IX. “Windy Nights” En(MF)-Fr(JPN) adventure novels, Treasure Island,

XVI. “The Land of Counterpane” RLS as bedridden adventurer …



IV. XIV. “Where go the boats?” Discussion of accent. JPN in French,

RD in “RP”, MF in affected “Scottish”



V. XXXI. “My Bed is a Boat” JPN on imagery/translation.


VI. 2. VIII. “The Land of Story Books” RD on whatever he likes ….!

Fr(JPN)-En(RD) “Dramatic” reading.

VII. 3. V. “The Dumb Soldier” Intertexts – Rimbaud “Le dormeur du

En(MF)-Fr(JPN) val”, Nutcracker … and ?



VIII. Envoys. IV. “To Minnie” Climax: trilingual reading, as

Part 1 - En(MF) Part 2 – Fr(JPN) proposed by RD.

Part 3 – It(RD) [if we have time, MF could read the whole poem in English first …]

IX. Envoy(-en-abîme). “To Any Reader” w/ “To the Hesitating Purchaser”, TI. En(MF)-Fr(JPN)

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